Grant Ernhart, Certified Rolfer

Initially, Grant was drawn to study Rolfing through his own high-level sport career. For 10 years from the age of 16 he was involved in the Winter Olympic Sport of Biathlon(cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship) ultimately earning a berth on the United States National Team from 1999 and 2000. As a competitor he was always looking for an edge, something that would help him improve and contribute to his best performance. He began receiving a lot of different bodywork and heard about Rolfing Structural Integration from other athletes that he respected. They spoke about how Rolfing helped them recover, avoid injury and improve their proprioception. 

After receiving his first session he was hooked! He enjoyed the holistic approach of the 10-series and felt that the slow and deep techniques really helped him maintain openness and flexibility in his body.

Grant works to reconnect clients to the felt sense of their bodies so that they may gain a greater sense of self-awareness, balance, poise and relief from pain. By employing the hands-on techniques of Rolfing® Structural Integration to balance posture, educating about chronic pain science and utilizing movement education to deepen the connection to your body, Grant's work helps facilitate change in your body and support health. 

While Grant has worked extensively with elite level athletes, including an ongoing partnership with the US Biathlon National team, he also works with clients from all walks of life, people who are looking for positive change, and people who want to reconnect with their body. 

Grant thoroughly enjoys the collaborative process that arises in his sessions as he helps clients explore how they live and move and looks for ways to reconnect you to a source of greater vitality and self-efficacy.

Grant studied at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, in 1998 and 2000 and then finished his certification in Munich, Germany in 2002.

Grant Ernhart, Certified Rolfer

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