Jing Yao

Jing Yao

Jing Yao, Massage Therapist

My name is Jing and I use a broad range of Traditional Chinese and other Eastern Massage techniques, first learned in my home country of China over five years ago, then further mastered here in the US, at the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

My vision as a professional massage therapist is to utilize my intuitive sense of Qi (“chee”)—life-force energy flowing through every human being—then engage my own customized Qi Gong massage techniques (life-energy movement) to help you Heal The Whole Body.

Tension is who you think you are... Relaxation is who you should be. –Ancient Chinese Proverb

My Specialties, amongst others:

  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Chinese Tui-Na and Qi Gong massage
  • Shiatsu (Japanese based massage technique)
  • Ashiatsu massage (using the power of the feet to massage the body—at private studio)
  • Thai Stretching massage
  • Meridian and Acupressure based massage
  • Hot Stone Meridian Stimulation and Massage

All sessions are available at both my locations:

  • at Stockheart Whole Health...(in Uptown) 3041 Aldrich Ave S, Minneapolis 55408
  • at my Longfellow/Minnehaha Falls Office Minnehaha Ave S (address provided w/appointment)

The Basics:

  • 30 Minutes back/neck/shoulders massage $45
  • 30 Minutes Hot Stone Back Massage $50
  • 45 Minutes body massage $65
  • Deeper Healing Massage:
  • 1 hour full body massage $85
  • 75 minutes full body massage $100
  • 90 minutes full body massage (best results!) $120
  • 2 hours full body massage $160

Add to your Deeper Healing Massage session*:

  • Hot Stone Meridian Massage
  • Ashiatsu; foot power massage
  • Thai Stretch on Futon

*Request before session at either location

Heal The Whole Body
Jing Yao, CMT
Professional Massage Therapist
Text/Call: 612-799-3800
Email: healthewholebody@gmail.com

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