Stephanie Flanagan

Stephanie Flanagan

MyoConnections Massage Therapy

Stephanie Flanagan is a versatile and experienced massage therapist who can help with specific aches and pains or deep relaxation. In 2011, she received her Therapeutic Massage certification from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School and Clinic—specializing in Trigger Point Therapy and Swedish massage. 

Shortly after graduating Stephanie worked in a physical therapy department where she worked closely with physical therapists and their assistant—as an extension of their hands. Working directly with patients, she learned many techniques including myofascial massage, neural release, active release technique, and extensive jaw work (internal and external). 

Stephanie is fascinated by the human body and enjoys researching new approaches to helping her clients. Her passion extends beyond massage therapy as well. She is currently taking classes toward a graduate degree as a physician's assistant.  

In addition to being a massage therapist, Stephanie has her BA in Dance from the University of Minnesota. She is a professional modern dancer in the Twin Cities, currently dancing with the Alternative Motion Project (AMP).

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Stephanie Flanagan, CMT

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