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Acupuncture and Asian Medicine is a method of promoting natural healing and proper function in the body. Acupuncture is practiced by inserting hair-thin, sterile needles at strategic points in order to achieve a balanced and smooth flow of qi ("chee") and blood.


Dr. Michele Renee

Movement is life.  In the chiropractic tradition, we restore motion in the joints where it has been lost or restricted.  This gives you increased range of motion, decreased pain, and improved function in your muscles and organs.

Our doctors are trained to provide a range of different approaches, from very gentle and suitable for children to more dynamic adjustments.  We find just the right combination of techniques to help you live your life more fully.  Approaches we offer include diversified, drop-piece, activator, and CranioSacral.  Your doctor will tell you about these options at your first visit or two.

CranioSacral Therapy is a holistic healing practice that uses very light touching to balance the CranioSacral system in the body, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area.  This therapy is very gentle, subtle, and relaxing.  It is a great way for you center and access your innate ability to heal.

Heated glass cups are applied to the skin along meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy, releasing stagnation, detoxifying tissues, and increasing circulation.

    Energy healing allows you to release and clear energy blockages, as well as increase and circulate your vital force (qi or prana).  A few examples:

    Esoteric Chakra Healing: An off the body energy healing, Esoteric Chakra Healing focuses on balancing the energy field for the chakras, endocrine glands, and organ systems and includes an intuitive write-up of messages from the body after the session.  Each chakra system connects to a specific endocrine gland and set of organs that the practitioner will gently call into balance in order to bring more flow of energy through the body.  Perfect for those with specific health concerns and those wanting more clarity.  

    Reiki: A light hands-on or just above the body energy healing, Reiki calls in the universal life force energy that brings the body back to a balanced and natural state of well-being on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Reiki is a soothing, nurturing modality that is very relaxing and meditative.  Perfect for relaxing the nervous system, clearing fatigue, for chronic conditions, deep rest, and getting centered and aligned with self.  

    Breathwork: An active, rhythmic meditation that has three parts, breathwork is a form of self-healing that gets you out of your mind and into the body by increasing the oxygen level in the body to produce energy and flow.  Breathing into the belly, heart, and out an open mouth creates space for emotion and blocks to move through the body as you begin to feel more open and clear as you release the old.  The practitioner guides you through the breathing, using oils, sage, music, affirmations, reiki, and other tools to support your body during the healing journey.

    Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing, energy therapy. Gentle touch assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. It is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard medical care. Provided by RN HTP (Healing Touch Practitioner).

    How can Healing Touch benefit you?

    • stress reduction
    • calming anxiety and depression
    • decreasing pain
    • strengthening the immune system
    • enhancing recovery from surgery
    • complementing care for neck and back problems
    • deepening spiritual connection
    • supporting cancer care
    • creating a sense of well-being
    • easing acute and chronic conditions

    Holistic Skincare: Facials can be a quick fix for mind, body & spirit. Relax and re-establish the essential connections that help you feel rejuvenated. We use natural, organic products, as well as medical grade, plant-based, results driven products in combination with technology to gently remove oil, dirt, and other congestion. The skin is stimulated to encourage collagen and elastin production and allow serums to penetrate more deeply into the skin. No dyes, talc, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives are used. The treatments consist of a cleansing and toning, followed by exfoliation, extractions and a custom mask and hydration personalized just for you. All 60 minute facial treatments also incorporate a relaxing massage of the face, neck and scalp, shoulders, hands and arms.

    Holistic Acne Care: All acne triggers unique to the individual are discovered and eliminated. Specialized skincare products and treatments, dietary adjustments, and herbal and nutritional supplements compliment a thorough skincare and lifestyle plan that is customized to eliminate your unwanted acne outbreaks without the use of prescription drugs, birth control pills, or steroids.

    Holistic Skincare & Holistic Acne Care

    SG Skincare & Wellness

    Massage is a hands-on soft-tissue therapy intended to reduce stress and fatigue. There are many benefits, including increased circulation and lymph flow, improved immune function, and a heightened sense of well being, to name just a couple of them. You and your therapist will discuss what techniques are right for you, and what areas you prefer to have addressed. Each session is customized just for you.

    Functional medicine takes an individualized approach to your health. One person's skin irritation is not the same as the next person's, and so the remedy may not be the same. In fact, functional medicine prefers to treat the underlying causes of symptoms and foundational health for prevention with the following concepts in mind:

    • Each person has a unique biochemistry and may have different environmental sensitivities or requirements of nutrients.
    • Health care is more important than disease care. This means educating people to make better choices, improving the foundation of health throughout the systems, and acknowledging the body's warning signs when they appear.
    • The body has an amazing ability to adapt to stress, and pain is a poor indicator of health. Therefore, examination and tests are important tools in finding imbalance early enough to alter the outcome before a disease state sets in.
    • Each system in the body affects all the other systems in the body. For example, if hormonal disregulation exists, it is important to properly assess all the systems in case the origin of the problem is elsewhere, such as digestion.
    • Health is not the absence of disease. It is the presence of vitality, a state of balance, a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

    The tools we use in functional medicine include thorough interview, physical examination, dietary assessment, laboratory analysis, and nutritional supplementation.  No two people are given the same recommendations.  If you choose to utilize this approach to healing, it is important that you follow your doctor's recommendations. If you want a pill to fix everything, this is not approach for you. Functional medicine is all about learning about your unique health status and requirements then taking personal responsibility for getting the best possible outcome for you.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine: Herbal Therapy

    Authentic Self Acupuncture & Healing Arts PLLC

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works through the physiologic action of the herbs, and pays special attention to the properties unleashed through combinations of herbs. For example, a Chinese herbalist will choose an herb for a specific effect and complement it with another herb that will increase that beneficial effect.