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"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."
~ Mary Oliver

My name is Portia. My passion is helping you become more embodied and experience life fully. I’m a holistic and integrative healer with special interest in spiritual transformation, mental-emotional wellbeing, women's health & fertility, and constitutional balancing. I teach graduate courses at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing and Northwestern Health Sciences University. And hold dark moon circles through Moon Sisters MPLS. You can read more about my experience and credentials here.

And in case you are wondering....

I'm a proud mama to a dimpled gingery monkey child.

A devoted partner to a man on a journey.

A bleeding heart lover of creatures.

A obsessive gardener interested in urban farming, making awesome compost, and communicating with plant spirits. I've been know to hug a tree from time to time.

A shy musician chipping away at a solo album and opening my throat and heart chakras in the process. Stay tuned!

I like silliness and absurdities. Puns are fun.

I'm a nerd for typologies. Or rather I'm a scorpio double capricorn with a unaspected and stationed mercury in the 9th house and a Leo north node. My constitution is pitta-vata (or tripa-loong). I'm a type 4 on the Enneagram and INFP on the Myers-Briggs.

Nature is my church. I resonates with many aspects of ecofeminism. And my happy place is out on the land in ceremony.

I value authenticity and kindness. I'm drawn to energy over image.

I'm in a constant state of metamorphosis and aspire to be a wise old witchy elder someday that speaks only truth with a twinkle in my eye.

Transcendental monism is at the core of my worldview. I tend to lean heavily on the mystical side of the spectrum and believe in (and experience) lots of things the scientific method as yet to be able to properly measure, such as psi phenomena and the subtle bioenergy fields. But I also appreciate a well done research study and strive to maintain an evidence-informed practice when appropriate.

If I had to go back to school and start all over I would study (nerd alert) quantum physics and the nature of our reality; human consciousness and the overlap between psychoneuroimmunology and biofield research; ancient civilizations and lost technologies; mythology, archetypes, and cross-cultural spirituality; transpersonal psychology; living systems theory, restorative ecology, and earth-justice activism. Thankfully, there is there so much free information available on all these subjects that will keep me learning forever! (Nerd heaven!) 

I love reading and writing and fantasize about writing a book someday. But for now my writing consists of sporadic blog posts, lots of cathartic lyrics, and somewhat thoughtful ramblings on my Instagram profile.

Here's a blog on how I came to walk this path.

My healing philosophy... 

I'm deeply invested in saving the planet through healing our individual traumas and raising the resonance of our collective morphic field - from one of fear to love.

I believe in holistic and integrative healing and consider all aspects of your Being (body, heart, mind, spirit) when we work together. My intention to hold the space for you to re-connected to what you love and open yourself to all life has to offer.

While I have broad experience, I am most drawn to working with:

  • Stressed-out people who want to learn how to manage their energy so they are able to be more productive and engaged in their life.
  • Busy people who long to reconnect with their creative spirit and make time to follow their heart's calling.
  • People who are lost and really struggling to adjust to a big life transition, or people who feel trapped in the cycle of a draining mental-emotional pattern, and want to move through it and come out on the other side with an open heart and deeper sense of self.
  • Hard-working and passionate women who want to make beautiful babies, have healthy pregnancies, empowered birth experiences, and become strong, confident mamas.
  • And anyone who wants to focus on improving overall wellness: including reducing chronic pain, improving digestive/gut health, sleep quality, mood, and energy.

I have no agenda other than to be a supportive partner and guide on your road to wellbeing. I’m happy to share my knowledge and expertise, however I am most interested in creating a sacred space for your inner wisdom and courage to emerge, because I know healing is ultimately a hero’s journey and it is my privilege to walk with you.


"Don't let it bring you down.
It's only castles burning.
Find someone who's turning.
And you will come around." 

~ Neil Young


Please see my website for details about my Offerings & Wellness Programs and how to book an appointment.  I look forward to working with you!

Tall Reeds Healing Arts
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